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Your Heating System Should be Just Right!

- 10:54 am - September 25th, 2017

Finding the right sized heating system for your home isn’t always as easy as it seems. Bigger isn’t necessarily better — smaller systems may use less energy, but they aren’t always the most efficient option. Think about this: you could spend less on a smaller shovel, but then spend an entire day outside in the snow. A shovel that’s too large would be difficult to control, also affecting your snow-shoveling efficiency. That’s how heating systems work as well, except you can purchase the heating system that will best accommodate your home, no matter how heavy the snow gets. 

An improperly sized system will affect the length of life of your heating system, too. This is caused by the furnace running too often, or not long enough to complete its operational cycles. Short cycling can cause more-than-average wear and tear on the system, causing it to break down more often and require frequent repairs. 

Heating systems that are too large for a space can create hot spots in the home, where the temperature is above the comfortable temperature set on the thermostat. Also, the opposite is true — this can also create cold zones, as the heat doesn’t reach certain areas of the home before the thermostat shuts it down. Smaller heating systems have to run significantly longer, costing more energy to run and taking longer to warm up the living space. 

In short, heating systems that aren’t properly sized will cost you more money to run. Larger systems waste fuel heating up a space too small for it, while smaller systems will require extra fuel to operate long enough to reach the set temperature. 

With an appropriately sized heating system, you’ll save money on fuel costs as well as repairs and maintenance. HEAT USA Oilheat dealers know the right way to size up a heating system for your home. Contact us today and become a HEAT USA member to find out for yourself!