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Full Heating Oil Storage Tanks for HEAT USA Members!

- 3:25 pm - April 13th, 2021

Spring is here, so heating oil deliveries are probably the last thing on your mind. Then again, as a HEAT USA member enjoying automatic heating oil delivery through our participating providers chances are good that you haven’t been worried about heating oil deliveries for a while!

In addition to peace of mind, automatic heating oil deliveries keep your tank full – and a full tank, especially in the spring and summer season, is a great way to protect your heating system. Here’s how:

  • With fuel in the tank there’s less room for water accumulation, which can occur when condensation forms inside the tank

  • The absence of water also prevents the growth of bacteria and other harmful sediments that could make their way into the oil lines and the heating equipment itself.

  • This also aids in the prevention of corrosion within the tank itself, significantly lowering the risk of a release.

  • As an added bonus, a full tank in spring/summer means that when the heating season rolls back around again you won’t have to worry about not having enough fuel to handle those sudden drops in temperature.

With peace of mind and a full tank of heating oil – that’s how being a HEAT USA member benefits you even during the warmer weather! Call or contact us online to find out more, or to become a member.