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Save Money on Fuel: Choose Heat USA

- 11:00 am - September 12th, 2023

When you join Heat USA, we offer you discounted rates on your home heating oil along with a large variety of benefits, and connect you with the best fuel dealers in your neighborhood. Heat USA is the largest heating oil buying company in the US. We serve over 50,000 members in 12 states, with over 120 participating heating oil suppliers in our network.

When You Choose Heat USA, We Provide:

  1. Exclusive Pricing System- Our members can up to 15 and 20 cents per gallon compared to the market price.


  1. Free or Discounted Service Contracts- This includes coverage on selected parts and labor, 24-hour emergency service, annual cleaning and a tune-up for your heating system.


  1. Exclusive Protection and Benefits- The Membership agreement protects you with consumer-friendly terms, including fuel quality guarantees, service window guarantees, non-discrimination and freedom to cancel clauses, and much more.


  1. Heat Membership Services- If you experience any issues or have a question, contact us and our membership services representatives will help you precisely and promptly. 


Heat USA is here to help you save money and find the best heating oil dealer for you. Be sure to contact or call us at 1-888-HEAT-USA. Our highly trained professionals are always ready to help.