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NOTE: If you're having a heating emergency, please call your heating oil dealer immediately.


HEAT USA saves its members hundreds of dollars each year on their heating costs. Savings of 15-20 cents per gallon of heating oil and free service plans for most make this possible.

With the cold weather approaching fast, it's crucial to make sure your heating system is ready to keep you comfortable all season long. A great way to prevent heating system breakdowns and expensive repairs is by scheduling your annual heating system tune up.

An empty tank is never a good thing! Luckily, as a HEAT USA member, you’re always safe from unexpected issues with your heating oil storage tank as a result of condensation. Here are some benefits our members enjoy:

An unspoken perk of being a HEAT USA member is that we’re always thinking about your home comfort. Which is why we’re bringing up your heating equipment during the summer! As a member, your heating equipment is in good hands.

Spring Energy Saving Tips!

admin May 9, 2022

By connecting our members with heating oil providers, we’re already helping them save on their energy costs. These days we could all benefit from a little extra savings! That’s why we recommend doing your part to conserve energy which will in turn help potentially lower your energy costs.