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HEAT USA Membership Benefits

- 4:12 pm - November 15th, 2017

It’s no surprise that being a member of HEAT USA comes with its perks! However, we do more for our members than connect them with local heating oil dealers. We also provide them with several other benefits as well:

Free/Discounted Service Contracts

You’ll never pay full price for a service contract on your heating system! These contracts often include 24-hour emergency service during the heating season, parts and labor coverage and annual tune-ups. The market value of a service contract is between $300 and $400 annually. With HEAT USA, you get that for free – or at a steep discount. 

Exclusive Pricing

The dealers that work with HEAT USA have agreed to keep prices low, which allows customers to enjoy a superior pricing system – saving anywhere between 15 and 20 cents per gallon, compared to average rates charged by other full-service heating oil dealers. HEAT USA monitors its dealers to ensure the correct prices are being charged at any given time. 

Membership Services

Our membership service representatives are advocates for our heating oil customers. We use annual surveys and pricing audits to ensure the quality of the program. With more than 120 heating oil suppliers and 50,000 members across the country working with HEAT USA, we’ve come to be very effective in resolving any member issues that arise. For additional customer satisfaction, if a member is unhappy with their supplier, they can request a transfer to another supplier. 

Because each supplier signs an agreement with us, our members are guaranteed certain benefits and protection. For more information on how HEAT USA benefits its members, call today