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Earn Free Heating Oil With a Referral

- 5:33 pm - April 26th, 2019

Millions of homeowners across the nation rely on heating oil for their home – do you know someone who uses heating oil, but isn’t a member of HEAT USA? If you tell them about us, you could earn $50 of FREE heating oil!

Here’s how you can earn free heating oil:

  • Have your referral call us (1-888-432-8872) and mention your name so you can earn your $50 of FREE heating oil.

  • Email us your referral’s contact information to referrals@heatusa.com so that we may reach out to them

  • Email them a personal note with our brochure, found here, to educate them on the benefits of membership with HEAT USA!

HEAT USA already serves more than 50,000 members with more than 120 participating heating oil suppliers – spreading the news about the benefits of membership with HEAT USA is easy, and definitely worth it! Contact us to learn more.