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Fuel Your Way with HEAT USA!

- 10:53 am - July 14th, 2023


When you join the HEAT USA family, you join the largest oil-buying program in the United States! We were founded in 1985 and have since grown to incorporate over 50,000 members in 12 different states and have more than 120 participating heating oil suppliers to keep all of our customers warm and happy and spending less money on comfort! Don’t get locked into a lengthy pricing contract with your oil supplier. Become a HEAT USA member and start saving between 15 and 20 cents per gallon on your heating oil!


Membership Benefits

The HEAT USA family is as strong as it is big! Our exceptional membership service includes 24-hour emergency services during the heating season. We also send out annual surveys and pricing audits to ensure that you are receiving the highest available discounts and the best service possible. All HEAT USA fuel suppliers must enter an agreement that protects your interests with fuel quality guarantees, service window guarantees, non-discrimination clauses, freedom to cancel clauses, and so much more! 


Environmentally Conscious

We are proud to supply our customers with renewable Bioheat® fuel that is manufactured with biodiesel made from organic materials such as soybean oil, rendered animal fat, and used cooking oils. Bioheat® fuel produces less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional heating oil and supports more than 30,000 jobs, contributing billions of dollars to our economy.


Other benefits include

  • 24-hour emergency heating service
  • Free annual cleaning and tune-up
  • Top-rated local heating oil service providers
  • Referral Program


Don’t get caught up in unfair contracts with delivery companies. HEAT USA has got your back! Contact us today at 1-888-432-8872 to begin your application process.