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HEAT USA has dedicated more than 30 years to serving over 80,000 members, connecting homeowners with over 120 participating heating oil suppliers. How did we manage to achieve such reach? Word of mouth! Genuinely satisfied customers speaking honestly about their experiences with HEAT USA is what drives us – don’t take our word for it, take a look at what our members are saying and see for yourself! 

Mr. Kohan,

I wanted to write to you about what turned out to be a very pleasurable experience with your employee Christopher. My apologies for not knowing his last name.

I have been using Petro and before they were purchased by Petro, C. Hoffberger Co. for over 13 years.

I originally signed up with Heat USA because of the discounted oil price and the service contract. It is a wonderful service at a very reasonable price.

Over the years I've had very minor problems/disagreements with the two different oil companies. While their associates have always been professional, I typically wasn't able to have the problem resolved to my satisfaction.

This is where your associate Christopher comes in. He was the first person I ever had contact with at Heat USA. Without exception Christopher has been a fantastic conduit between the Oil Companies and myself. Within the last few weeks I had another minor problem that I was unable to resolve with Petro. I called Christopher and like every single time before, he was able to get the problem solved to my satisfaction. I simply can't say enough kind but true things about Christopher. He is incredibly knowledgeable. His customer service skills over the phone are stellar and second to none. It was the service that Heat USA offered that brought me to your company as a customer. It is Christopher who has kept me as a customer for over 13 years now. I truly hope he is somehow recognized for the hard work and dedication he has shown to me as a customer and to Heat USA as an associate.

Lastly, let me say that after speaking with Mr. Kohan who has been with Heat USA for just shy of 30 years, that there is no doubt in my mind that it is his management style that fosters a work environment where associates who come to work at Heat USA wind up staying for as long as they do. The longevity of the associates working at Heat USA is a direct result of Mr. Kohans hard work and dedication to both the associates that he manages and to Heat USA as well. He sets a wonderful example for everyone he works with.

I'm a customer for life ladies and gentlemen. I sincerely thank everyone for all that has been done on my behalf.


Tim L.

HEAT USA has saved me hundreds in oil over the past few years. Found out about them through my wife's union at work. The local provider I was getting my oil from was bought out and abruptly ended the relationship with HEAT USA. HEAT USA was very proactive in contacting me first and letting me know what was happening and what my options were. First rate!

Matt B. - Millbury, MA

I have only been a HEAT member for just over a year. I just got my oil tank filled up. The price on the slip at the fill up was $0.50 higher than the price on the bill when it showed up. Saved me $100 on one fill up. Thanks!

Eric P. - Sandy Hook, CT