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It’s Clean, It’s Green; It’s Bioheat® Fuel!

- 11:00 am - October 13th, 2023

Bioheat® fuel is a clean, renewable fuel source that reduces carbon emissions and helps the American economy. Even better, as a HEAT USA member, you can save up to 15-20 cents per gallon on heating oil while helping the environment.

Bioheat® fuel is made from a blend of traditional home heating oil and biodiesel derived from organic materials like soybean and peanut oil, other plant and vegetable oils, and recycled cooking oils and grease. Not only do you significantly reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions with Bioheat® fuel, you don’t have to replace your current heating system to enjoy the benefits! 

Bioheat® fuel has a positive impact on:

  • The American economy, supporting over 30,000 jobs.  


  • Family-owned local businesses that deliver your Bioheat® fuel, and the people who work there. 


  • Local restaurants that reduce waste and create an additional stream of revenue by selling their used cooking oils to biodiesel producers.  


  • Livestock and agriculture businesses who produce soybean oil and corn oil and sell it to biodiesel producers. This income stream also reduces the cost of crops, grain and animal feed. 


  •  You! You save on your annual energy bills, breathe cleaner air and improve the lifespan of your heating equipment.


Home heating is safer, cleaner, and greener with Bioheat® fuel. For discounted rates on your fuel, 24/7 emergency services, annual tune-ups and to get matched with the perfect dealer, become a member with HEAT USA. For more information, call us at 1 (888) 432-8872 or contact us here