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The Future of Clean Fuel is Bioheat®

- 3:15 pm - June 18th, 2024

There is no denying the urgency that we need to have in removing greenhouse gas emissions from our environment. The heating oil industry has answered the call in a big way by switching to liquid renewable heating fuels like Bioheat® Fuel. For over a decade, Bioheat® Fuel has been changing the landscape of the heating oil industry and powering a boom in the renewable liquid fuel market.


Bioheat® Fuel requires no modifications to existing heating equipment. Customers who rely on heating oil for heat and hot water can seamlessly transition to Bioheat® Fuel and begin reducing their carbon footprint immediately. When combined with new, energy-efficient heating equipment, Bioheat® Fuel produces even fewer carbon emissions and your home can reach net-zero emissions with the use of B100 Bioheat® Fuel!


How is Bioheat® Fuel Created?

Bioheat® Fuel is created by blending ultra-low sulfur heating oil with organic biodiesel refined from used cooking oils and other plant-based oils. The fuel blend is named after the percentage of biodiesel used to create Bioheat® Fuel. For example, B5 is 5% biodiesel and 95% ULSHO, and B100 is 100% renewable biodiesel. The first B100-compatible burners were created last year, and heating oil dealers have started to offer B100 for delivery!


How Does Bioheat® Fuel Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

The renewable properties of the biodiesel in Bioheat® Fuel reduce the greenhouse emissions of sulfur, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide. The higher the blend of the Bioheat® Fuel used in your boiler or furnace, the greater the reduction of carbon emissions! B20 is a common blend and can lower your CO2 emissions by approximately 15 percent.


HEAT USA is proud to help move our industry closer to our goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Talk to your heating oil dealer today to see if they are delivering Bioheat® Fuel, and become a HEAT USA member today to join our other 50,000 members in saving an average of 15-20 cents per gallon on heating oil!