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Keeping Your Oil Storage Tank Full is Easy as a HEAT USA Member

- 5:13 pm - May 15th, 2019

Many homeowners who use heating oil know the importance of keeping a full oil storage tank – especially during the spring and summer months! And, HEAT USA members know that keeping their tanks full is easy, because every HEAT USA member enjoys the benefits of automatic fuel delivery!

Not sure why it’s important to keep a full tank? Consider this…

  • A full tank helps avoid the buildup of condensation that can impact the condition of the oil storage tank
  • A full tank helps avoid clogs that occur when sediment is drawn into the lines, disrupting the flow of fuel
  • A full tank helps avoid running out of fuel during times of unexpected inclement weather

In short, a full tank of fuel keeps your system healthy and prepared! HEAT USA members have access to convenient and reliable automatic delivery services that make keeping a full tank easy. Not yet a HEAT USA member? Or maybe you know someone who could benefit from becoming one? Contact us online today!