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HEAT USA Members Keep Their Tanks Full!

- 5:06 pm - April 30th, 2020

Did you know? It’s important to keep your heating oil storage tank full! While it’s obvious in fall and winter why you’d want a steady supply of fuel, it might not be as clear for the spring and summer season. However, it’s just as important when the weather warms up!

Why keep a full tank?

Not only does a full tank mean you have fuel when you need it, but it also helps reduce the occurence of water accumulation which can…

  • Lead to sediment buildup that can cause damage to the heating system

  • Lead to rusting and internal tank corrosion

  • Lead to blocking up the fuel lines and clogging the nozzle

Do HEAT USA Members Have to Worry?

Not at all! As a member of HEAT USA, you’re signed up for automatic heating oil deliveries which allows our suppliers to track your fuel usage and make deliveries when you need them. This includes a final fill up before the warmer weather rolls in!

Keep your tank full all year long as a member of HEAT USA! Contact us online to learn more about the benefits of membership, or to become a member.