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Advocating for the Heating Oil Customer

- 3:04 pm - October 13th, 2020

At HEAT USA, we bring heating oil providers and homeowners together to form mutually beneficial relationships that are protected by our membership services. What exactly does this mean for our members?

As a HEAT USA member, you essentially get all the benefits of being a member without any of the extra effort on your part. That is to say, we will…

  • Find a provider with Bioheat® Fuel and heating oil-related products & services

  • Reach out to our providers on our members’ behalf if there is a billing discrepancy

  • Reach out to our providers on our members’ behalf if there is a service scheduling issue

  • Closely monitor member issues, annual surveys and pricing audits to ensure the quality of the program

  • Transfer members to alternate suppliers if they are unhappy with the level of service they receive

And it isn’t just our members who benefit from this arrangement! Heating oil providers benefit from the business we send their way, provided that they remain in good standing with HEAT USA and its members. Everybody wins!

Tired of doing all of the heavy lifting yourself? Become a HEAT USA member and enjoy hands-free comfort brought right to your door!