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NOTE: If you're having a heating emergency, please call your heating oil dealer immediately.


Unboxing a HEAT USA Membership: 24-Hour Emergency Service

- 5:25 pm - October 19th, 2019

If there’s one thing we all need during the cold days of winter it’s a reliable heating system! Sometimes, however, heating systems can break down – and they never break down in the middle of a work day when it’s convenient for most full-service comfort providers.

As a HEAT USA Member, you’ll have access to 24-hour emergency service for your heating equipment!

We understand that you have no control over if or when your heating system is going to break down, but you should have control over who you call. HEAT USA members enjoy the benefits of around-the-clock access to our participating dealers. This means you get the help you need any time day or night – which is especially important for households with elderly occupants or children! 

If you have yet to enjoy the many benefits that come with being a HEAT USA member, sign up today! Contact us online to become a member.