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Keeping a Full Tank With a HEAT USA Membership

- 5:13 pm - March 24th, 2022

By now, our members understand the importance of a full storage tank after the heating season. But in case you have forgotten, we're happy to remind you!


These reasons are why a full tank is always important, even during the spring and summer:


  • Empty space in the tank leaves room for water accumulation, which can harm the equipment.
  • Water accumulation promotes tank corrosion and the development of bacteria and sediment buildup
  • Any buildup in the tank can make its way into the heating equipment causing issues
  • Air drawn into the heating system from an empty tank can damage the equipment and fuel lines

Our members are fortunate to worry less about their storage tanks running low. That’s because our heating oil dealers provide an automatic delivery service! They'll deliver fuel when our members need it, even if the heating season has ended.

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