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HEAT USA: Comfort You Can Count On

- 10:30 am - December 15th, 2023

One thing you won’t need to worry about during the winter months is whether or not you are going to receive your heating oil delivery on time. As the largest heating oil buying program in the United States, your fuel is there when you need it with HEAT USA!


More Benefits of a HEAT USA membership include:


  • Membership Service Representatives: As a HEAT USA member, you will have access to our experienced membership service representatives. They are always available to promptly handle all of your questions, concerns, or issues!


  • Free Service Contract: HEAT USA members are eligible to receive a free or discounted service contract for their heating system with a minimum of 600 gallons annual consumption required. Benefits of a service contract include 24-hour emergency services, discounts on parts and labor, and an annual cleaning and tune-up.


  • Superior Pricing System: All of our heating oil suppliers agree to a fixed profit margin above wholesale. We also closely monitor our dealers’ pricing to ensure that all of our members are being charged the correct price.


With all the benefits of a membership, it isn’t difficult to see why HEAT USA is so popular among American households. HEAT USA is endorsed to more than 18,000,000 homes across the country by hundreds of membership organizations. With over 50,000 members and 120 heating oil suppliers, the buying power of HEAT USA allows for greater savings and negotiating leverage for YOU.


Don’t waste time with companies who don’t put your home comfort needs first. Click here to become a HEAT USA customer today!