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Protect Your Heating Equipment With a HEAT USA Membership

- 1:41 pm - May 18th, 2021

Other than a steady supply of heating oil, your home heating equipment needs one thing: Regular maintenance! Just like how we need regular visits to a doctor to stay healthy, heating equipment needs annual visits from an experienced and professional heating system technician.

Luckily, as a HEAT USA member, you have access to those professionals and discounted or free service contracts to help keep heating equipment running efficiently! Let our heating oil providers take care of your heating system by…

  • Finding and fixing issues before they turn into bigger problems later on

  • Making adjustments and repairs that allow the equipment to operate efficiently for the next heating season

  • Running tests to ensure the equipment is functioning properly and safely

What does a well-maintained heating system mean for you? Let’s take a look!

  • Better efficiency means you spend less on your annual heating costs

  • Minor repairs that are made during the tune-up help prevent breakdowns – which could otherwise mean a lapse in comfort and costly repairs

  • Regular maintenance extends the life of the equipment

  • Tune-ups help with the comfort coverage throughout the home as well, ensuring even temperatures and fewer cold spots.

You can enjoy a discounted or free service contract with one of our reliable heating oil providers next heating season, too! Become a HEAT USA member today to get started.