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NOTE: If you're having a heating emergency, please call your heating oil dealer immediately.


HEAT USA is the largest heating oil buying program in the US, serving over 50,000 members in 12 states, with over 120 participating heating oil suppliers. Founded in 1985, HEAT USA has grown primarily by word of mouth and by offering its program as a benefit to thousands of local and professional associations throughout the country.

Using the influence of its combined membership, and the buying power of the associations that endorse it, HEAT USA negotiates superior terms and conditions from local oil suppliers on behalf of its members. By offering to bring thousands or even millions of gallons of new business to a supplier, HEAT USA is able to secure benefits for its members that they wouldn't otherwise be able to negotiate on their own.


Exclusive Protection and Benefits

All HEAT USA members are protected by a lengthy agreement that is signed with each supplier to provide them not only with their unique benefits, but also secures certain consumer-friendly terms, such as fuel quality guarantees, service window guarantees, non-discrimination clauses, freedom to cancel clauses and much more.


Free or Discounted Service Contract

All HEAT USA members also receive a free or discounted service contract on their heating system (600 gallon annual consumption required- otherwise a fee is charged). It includes 24-hour emergency service during the heating season, extensive parts and labor coverage on their heating system, as well as an annual cleaning and tune-up of their heating system during the spring or summer. The market value of the service contract alone is between $300-$400 annually.


Exclusive Pricing System

HEAT USA members also enjoy a superior pricing system in which dealers agree to a fixed profit margin above wholesale. Historically, members save between 15 and 20 cents per gallon compared to average rates charged by other full-service heating oil suppliers. HEAT USA monitors dealers with member assistance to ensure that the correct price is being charged at a given time. Members can check today's price or historical prices online, via our automated phone system, or simply by contacting HEAT USA.


Heat Membership Services

HEAT USA members are further protected by our Membership Service representatives. Members know if they have a question, an issue or a problem they can always reach out to HEAT USA and our Membership Service department will do everything they can to help.

Using the relationships we have cultivated with the 120 heating oil suppliers who work with our program, HEAT USA is extremely effective in resolving member issues. Dealers also know that member issues, annual surveys and pricing audits are constantly monitored so HEAT USA can ensure the quality of the program. In a worst case scenario, members who are unhappy with their supplier can request a transfer to an alternate supplier.


That's what we are...this is what we aren't

HEAT USA does not offer fixed or locked in pricing contracts, nor does it offer heating oil without an associated service agreement. The reason is simple: we don't believe these are in the best interest of the consumer. Whether it is unfriendly consumer provisions such as high cancellation penalties, or the need to make a guess about the direction of world oil markets, or the risk of not having a company ready to come out to get the heat back on in dangerously cold weather, our experience has been that our system works well and works best.

We know this means our prices aren't always the absolute lowest available, and we also know it means not everyone will be interested in becoming a member. Our members understand that when you consider the value of the free or discounted contract, 24-hour emergency service, the annual cleaning, exclusive negotiated pricing, and the constant oversight of a committed group of representatives there really isn't anything else in the heating oil marketplace that compares to it.