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Save When You Upgrade to a New Heating System!

- 1:33 pm - March 23rd, 2023

Did your heating system struggle to make it through the winter? Did it break down more often or require more service than in the past? These are all signs that it might be time for a heating system upgrade! Outdated or broken equipment could be costing you more on monthly energy bills and delivering less heat to your home.

You're in luck! There has never been a better year to upgrade to a new heating system. With the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), homeowners can earn a tax credit of up to $600 for the installation of a new boiler or furnace that meets the energy-efficient requirements outlined in the IRA. You can also earn a tax credit of up to $2,000 for a new energy-efficient heat pump through the IRA. 

Benefits of a Heating System Upgrade:

  • Longer System Lifespan: A new high-efficiency system will run more smoothly and cleanly, contributing to a longer lifespan for the equipment.
  • Better for the Environment: With higher efficiency ratings, a new boiler or furnace will consume less fuel, cutting down on carbon emissions.
  • Reduce Energy Bills: Because your new energy-efficient heating system will burn less fuel, it will save you money on monthly energy bills.
  • Fewer Repairs and Breakdowns: Upgrading to a new system will lower your need for maintenance calls and greatly reduce the chance of a breakdown.

In addition to the tax credits from the IRA, your HEAT USA membership saves you, on average, 15 to 20 cents per gallon of heating oil, which means your new heating system will pay for itself over time!

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