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Is Your Furnace Struggling This Winter?

- 11:05 am - January 29th, 2019

You don’t need to hire a private investigator to get the scoop on why your oil-fired furnace isn’t as efficient or effective as it used to be. It’s simply a matter of knowing what signs to look for and knowing when it’s time to replace your old furnace.

Heating Bills Increasing

You do everything right – you have your furnace regularly maintained by a reputable service company and you keep your oil storage tank full, but the heating bills keep rising. Normal wear and tear has a way of sneaking up on homeowners! If your equipment is more than 12 years old, this is a good indication that it’s due for an upgrade.

Noisy Operation

You’ve grown accustomed to the sounds your furnace makes. So, when it starts making new, unfamiliar sounds, don’t ignore it! This could be a sign that the internal components are wearing out quickly. If a repair isn’t made quickly enough, a complete replacement may become necessary.

Frequent Repairs

You may eventually notice that you keep having to call your service company to make small repairs to your furnace. Call after call, that money begins to pile up! Soon enough, the costs to repair grow more substantial than it would to just replace the equipment all together.

Those are just a few ways your furnace might be dropping hints about its condition. It’s never too late to get ahead of any issues! With service plans offered to all HEAT USA members, you can keep your system under the watchful eyes of an experienced heating oil dealer. What’s more, as a member you get a lifetime free or discounted full-service coverage! For more information, visit us online or contact us today.