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How to Take Care of Your Heating Oil Tank This Summer

- 10:42 am - April 18th, 2024

Summer’s just around the corner, and it’s never too early to start preparing for the next heating season. An often-overlooked task during the warmer months is taking care of your heating oil tank. Here are some key tips to ensure your tank is in tip-top shape during the off-season:


  • Conduct a Visual Inspection: Head down to your basement or go outside to take a look at your heating oil tank. Check the tank’s legs for damage, and look for warps, dents, rust, weeping (condensation outside the tank) or wet spots on the tank.
  • Get a Professional Inspection: While performing an inspection yourself is a great way to notice obvious damage, you cannot see damage inside your tank. Your home comfort company’s technicians can perform an ultrasonic inspection and look at your fuel lines, test your oil, and check for internal corrosion to help you determine if you need a replacement.
  • Fill It Up: A partially-filled or empty tank is susceptible to moisture buildup, which can lead to a big problem when fall comes back around. It’s important to keep your tank full during the warmer months, so schedule a heating oil delivery with your home comfort provider before the summer heat comes.


By following these simple tips, you can ensure your heating oil tank is ready to provide warmth and comfort if a cold snap strikes early, and for the rest of the heating season. Enjoy lower heating oil prices, thanks to a membership with HEAT USA, and a peaceful summer by topping off your heating oil tank. Our membership helps homeowners in 12 states save on their heating oil costs, and you can, too! Sign up for a membership today, and enjoy more money in your wallet year-round.