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HEAT USA Members Can Help Keep Their Fuel Tanks Full

- 12:42 pm - January 11th, 2022

At HEAT USA we’re proud to connect our members with local, reliable heating oil providers that meet all of their home comfort needs during winter – the most important of which is a steady supply of heating oil!

Even though our participating heating oil providers have you covered, it is good practice for homeowners to know a thing or two (or three!) about avoiding running out of heating oil in the middle of winter, such as:

Learning how to find and read the oil tank gauge is the first thing every homeowner should do. If you already know, great! If not, and you need help, give your heating oil provider a call for assistance. With this knowledge you’ll be able to…

Regularly check the tank, which is especially important during the coldest time of the year. Even as a HEAT USA member on automatic delivery, just checking in with your tank can help ensure it’s always full and allow you to…

Watch your household’s fuel usage. When you’re on automatic delivery, your heating oil provider delivers fuel based on your household’s historic fuel usage. So if anything changes in your fuel usage, you’ll want to give your provider a heads up. This way an increase in fuel consumption won’t leave you with an empty tank before your next delivery.

With these tips – and as a HEAT USA member – we’re sure you’ll enjoy ample comfort this winter! Call or contact us online to learn more and become a member.