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Will I Use Heating Oil in the Summer?

- 10:00 am - May 14th, 2024

Most people associate heating oil with winter warmth, and are surprised to learn that many homes also use it in summer. If you heat your home with heating oil, chances are that same heating system that heats your home also heats your hot water. You don’t stop taking hot showers or baths just because it’s warm out. Aside from showering, you also rely on hot water for laundry and dishes.


Filling your heating oil tank during the summer offers several advantages. A full tank helps prevent condensation buildup inside the tank, reducing the risk of corrosion. This also helps you save money due to lower demand, and it ensures you’re ready if a cold snap occurs early.


How much oil will I use in the summer?

Your summer heating oil usage will be considerably less than your winter consumption. Factors like how often you use hot water and the efficiency of your heating system will influence the amount of oil you need for the summer. Luckily for you, when you’re a member of HEAT USA, you get automatic heating oil delivery, which takes the guesswork out of scheduling deliveries and having enough fuel.


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