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NOTE: If you're having a heating emergency, please call your heating oil dealer immediately.


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Spring Energy Saving Tips!

admin May 9, 2022

By connecting our members with heating oil providers, we’re already helping them save on their energy costs. These days we could all benefit from a little extra savings! That’s why we recommend doing your part to conserve energy which will in turn help potentially lower your energy costs.

Get $50 of FREE Heating Oil!

admin April 28, 2022

Approximately six million American households use heating oil to heat their homes, so chances are you know a family member, friend, neighbor or coworker among them. Why not do yourself a favor and tell them about HEAT USA? Not only will your referral thank you for helping them save money on their heating oil, but more importantly, you’ll get $50 of FREE heating oil! Here’s how:

By now, our members understand the importance of a full storage tank after the heating season. But in case you have forgotten, we're happy to remind you!